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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A night on Ventanas

Tonight I am with James, a researcher, and Paula, an Earthwatch person like me. We have walked one sweep and are back at the station for a short spell. We have to time the walks rights so we can rendezvous at the hatchery.

Tonight it seems balmy. We have discussed the difference between balmy and muggy and couldn't figure the diff. I think maybe muggy has more wetness. Anyway, warm and more clear than last night.

James knows all kind of stuff. We have talked about galaxies some and our own, the Milky Way. We talked about ocean currents and how and why they move. When I mentioned that it was warmer James said it was because the tide was coming in. Because the water is warmer than the land, it brings with it a warmth. Playa Ventanas is a very gradual beach. When the tide comes it, it just smoothly rolls toward the land. You do not have to dance and jump around so you don't get wet. It is very different than the south where you are have to be on your toes if you walk near the water's edge.

Next James told us about how the huge wind currents in the oceans work. It is how the sun hits the water and causes it to warm in one place or another.I will have to ask more because it not totally clear in my brain. And then the water currents...the sun heats up areas and then this causes upswellings of nutrients which causes the gyres. We talked about this because of the bioluminescence. James said in December that when the waves broke the whole beach was lit up. And when the water came ashore, it was like sheets of light. He said it was bluish green and quite unbelievable. It was the plankton that created the light. I am having a hard time relaying his awe. You could tell it was something!

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