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Friday, February 4, 2011

In the beginning...

The entrance to the park has lots of cool signs. I probably should have put these in the beginning...but, hey, here they are now.

This is the next sign.I can see that it is too small. I have tried to fix it but so far, no go. I am learning about Adobe as I go.On the bottom of the sign you can see all that you can't do! Here are the close-ups. Baulas means leatherback en espaƱol.

I have told you several times about light, but did not elaborate. Turtles cannot see the red wavelength of light. It does not penetrate down to the depths at which they live. Because of this, people use red lights so that the turtle does not see any light. The regular white lights have been shown to confuse hatchlings so they cannot find the sea, and it also prevents females from coming ashore to nest.

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