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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday night clips...

Ventanas: one ridley, one leatherback; Sophie, Kim, Julianne; bioluminesensce present; never touristas here

Just after the break and heading south, a leatherback heading up the sand.
Sophie counted. "'Bout 60 eggs. huge. And a perfectionist about her digging and cover and camouflage. She used her tail and stuck it down like it was a focal point and used her flippers like windshield wipers. It rooted her where she wanted to be and she was able to do what she needed to do for the covering."

Olive Ridley put tracks down just north of hotel. She had not been crimped so Kim had to run back and get the crimpers from Jacob who came from north. If she tried to go back to sea, Kim told Sophie to put her knee on top of her shell so she could not go back into the sea!! Luckily Kim made it back in time.

North: 4 nests hatched; Sal, Jacob Hill; windless

Jacob Hill and Sal came upon some hatchlings cruising to the ocean. They quickly dug a shallow hole and Jacob measured while Sal tried to keep them in the hole and write down the measurements at the same time. It was fun chaos. They measured length and width of carapace and width of head of 11, noted time and date of occurrence. They caught more than 11, but they were scurrying so fast they could not get them all!

South: nada; Bill, James

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