Hello! My name is Ms. Elebash . Please join me as I travel to Costa Rica to study sea turtles!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

You're looking from afar at Tamarindo Bay where the turtles nest. You can also see a little sliver of blue which is an estuary that empties into the Pacific. They say that two crocodiles live there. Maybe on the map of Costs Rica you can see the estuary better. Estuaries are interesting because lots of animals come there to have their babies...crabs, fish, sharks, stingrays, birds of all kinds, and many others. I'll let you know more when I am able to talk with the locals and to walk where it empties into the ocean.


  1. Hi,from Tommy!!!!!! Is it warm enough to swim in the ocean!In the picture the water looks so clear,you'r soooo lucky!!!!

  2. yes, the water is warm and the bottom is a little silty with fine sand on the beach. I went in yesterday and body surfed. The waves are bigger than North Carolina, but more gentle. You can ride all the way in until you hit sand! Awesome!