Hello! My name is Ms. Elebash . Please join me as I travel to Costa Rica to study sea turtles!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The researchers know whose nest it is. Each leatherback (I think the other turtles, too) that comes out of the water either has or doesn’t have a chip in her shoulder. When she comes up, the researchers who patrol the beach nightly locate her, scan her chip, measure her carapace length and width, and count her eggs. They also put a thermo-couple (thermometer) in the nest so they can watch the temperature. I think you know why they want to know the temperature. More on this later.

Boil (verb): The term to boil means just that. Think about a pot of boiling water and how the movement of the water is. All of a sudden the hatchlings start digging upward furiously, pushing the sand that is on top of them below them. At once the sand opens up and the babies emerge and start trekking for the water.


  1. We've been reading about how busy you've been!

    Here are some of the questions we have:
    Are you tired?

    What is your eating schedule like with your crazy working hours? What kind of foods have you been enjoying?

    How many of the 42 leatherbacks will live? Were you there to see them hatch?

    How many sea turtles have you seen in all?

    We are so excited to keep in touch with you! Thanks for posting such great entries! We'll be reading!

    We were sorry to have missed our skype session today! Hope to catch you tomorrow!

    Missing you,
    Your 3B Friends

  2. Thank you for all of your great questions. I will talk to you Friday morning with Tera, the head biologist here.