Hello! My name is Ms. Elebash . Please join me as I travel to Costa Rica to study sea turtles!

Monday, January 31, 2011

There are several jobs that we will be doing. Mostly, we are the data collectors for the scientists and researchers. During the night you are either on patrol for 6 hours scanning the beach for turtles that come up to lay and to check out the nests that hatch, in the hatchery watching for the boil, or on dawn walks to look for what apparently looks like tractor marks in the sand for turtles that come up too late for the night patrol.

My job last night was at the hatchery. The biologists move nests to this location when they are in harm’s way- either a lot of foot traffic or the nest is too close to water’s edge. I stayed in the hatchery from 9pm until 3am. Every twenty minutes my partner and I checked the sand above the nest to see if there was any movement that would tell us that the hatchlings were beginning to dig out. Since we are at the end of the nesting season, there are only two nests. One is an Olive Ridley that is due February 2. The other is a leatherback nest which boiled two nights ago and 42 leatherbacks dug out.

There should be another 42 eggs (about). Nothing happened last night. Today we are going to excavate the nest and see what we find.

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