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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of great questions! Thanks!

Ever since I was little and went to a family camp on the Pamlico River in North Carolina I have loved turtles. Some mornings when us kids would get up and run around the sandy grounds before the bell rang for breakfast, we would find red-eared sliders hatchlings working their way toward the water. Once we rather carelessly took three home with us in our car. We lost one somewhere in the car. I guess it died and dried up. It never smelled and we never found it. The other ones we raised but I can't remember what happened in the end. Little did I know that we were doing just what one shouldn't do...taking creatures out of the wild and trying to tame them. Three down for nature!

At that same camp one night a turtle about one foot in diameter came ashore. About 15 of us watched her dig her nest, lay her eggs, and then return to the water. Someone shone a flashlight on her the whole time. We kept really quiet. I am sure some of those eggs hatched and lived in the wild as 60 days later there were not a lot of kids around to nab them!

More thoughts and facts on light later...

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